Association History

This Association was started in 1951 via a chapter formation proposal by twelve World War II combat veterans of 8th Cavalry Regiment units who had served in the Philippines, Admiralty Islands, and Japan. A constitution and by-laws were adopted at the first reunion of the founders in February 1951 in Toledo, Ohio. All founding members are now deceased.

On September 1, 1951, in Galveston, Texas, at a Chapter Formation Meeting with the 1st Cavalry Division Registrar, a charter designated as Chapter No. 14 was granted to the group by Col. Stone of the 1st Cavalry Division. From 1951 until 1987, the Association operated, variously, as “Chapter 14, 1st Cavalry Division” and “8th Cavalry, Chapter 14, 1st Cavalry Division”.

A communication was received on December 4, 1987 by Mr. James Reminga, then secretary/treasurer for the 8th Regiment Association, from Col. (RET) Bob Litle, Executive Director of the 1st Cavalry Division Association in Copperas Cove, Texas. This was in response to a request by Mr. Reminga to Col. Litle that the 8th Regiment, Chapter 14 be listed as a chapter in SABER, the official 1st Cavalry Division Association publication. Col. Litle replied that he realized the 8th Regiment was and had been in operation for several years, but there was nothing in Division Association files on the 14th Chapter and the group, therefore, would be required to reapply for chapter status.

No reapplication was made, and subsequently, the members of the group proceeded to exist as a social association under the name of the 8th Cavalry Regiment Association.

An amendment in 1960 (Indianapolis, Indiana) was made to the Constitution and By-laws that limited annual reunions to five States: Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, and Kentucky. In 1984 (at Bowling Green, Kentucky) this was revised to state that Chapter 14 would not limit its meetings to State boundaries. In 1991 (at Roanoke, Virginia), the 1984 revision was restated and reaffirmed following a vote by the attending reunion membership.

The group has grown in numbers. Its ranks of World War II veterans increased over the years. Along the way, 8th Cavalry veterans of Korea and Vietnam joined the group at its annual reunions.

The Association from its beginning until 2000 was an informal one. There were no application forms; and annual dues (except in a few of the early years) were not assessed.

Through 2002, reunions were held annually each year in springtime. From 1987 through 2001, the annual meeting was held in May over the weekend when Armed Forces Day is observed. The annual get-together convened at a location voted by attendees at the prior year’s business meeting. A trooper, a group of troopers, a trooper and spouse, or a trooper’s family hosted the reunion.

All who attended the Association reunions were urged to participate in the annual business meeting. The business-meeting program observed an agenda that opened and closed the meeting with the Association colors, submission of financial reports, new and old business, and short presentations by specific attendees. A nominal registration fee was charged for reunion attendance to cover hospitality room and reunion expenses. A banquet fee was imposed to cover the cost of the dinner served; the specific cost of the dinner was rounded up to the next five-dollar level. Monies received resulting from rounding up were placed in the Association treasury and were used to defray expenses for mailings to members, reunion door prizes, and memorials for deceased troopers.

There were no elections of officers. The Trooper host of the annual reunion was the presiding President pro tem. An Association Secretary was chosen by the membership and remained in that office until resignation or replacement. Association records were maintained by the presiding secretary who provided record-keeping and correspondence services. The Secretary maintained an accurate record of all financial matters and provided periodic reports to specific members (as determined) and the President pro tem. All records were open and available to any member and would be supplied upon request.

The May 2001 reunion at Bakersfield, California was the catalyst for change in the administration of the association. At that reunion, the decision was made to incorporate and affiliate with the 1st Cavalry Division, Copperas Cove, Texas. By-Laws, Articles of Incorporation, and a Proclamation were written. Required documents were initiated and submitted by Bruce Davis, Bakersfield, California, for incorporation in the State of California and for nonprofit status. Bruce Davis also submitted the required documents to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for tax-exempt status. The State of California granted incorporation and nonprofit status on November 16, 2001. On January 28, 2002, the IRS approved the Association for Federal tax-exempt classification under Section 501 (a) of the IRS Code.

The 8th Cavalry Regiment Association currently operates as an incorporated nonprofit, tax-exempt veterans organization under IRS Code Section 501 (c) (19).