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Pictures of D Co 1/8th 1st Platoon below:<


Pictures of C Co 2/8th Scotch Platoon below:


Carl Bataglini & Rick Hokenson

[caption id="attachment_1440" align="alignnone" width="300"]SCD55A~1 Captain Skip Taylor


Ted Ward


Rick Hokenson with his Sniper Rifle


RA Johnson, Phil Kingsbury, & Sgt Johnson

Image (5) (2)

Clearing by Recent Arc Light B52 Strike Near Cambodia

Image (4) (2)

Mike Johnson, Al Rackley, Doc Ireland, Mike Carey, Larry Clipperton

Image (7) (2)

B52 Crater Filled with Water

Image (6) (2)

Rackley standing in bottom of B52 bomb crater

Al & SFC Boody (2)

SFC Boody & Al Rackley – at Tay Ninh stand down


Skip Taylor, Terry Macy & ??


??, Mike Carey, Bert Johnson, ??, Al Rackley


??, Ted Ward, Doc Ireland, ??


Terry (Scotch) Macy, ??


LZ St. Barbara with Nui Bai Den in the background March 1969


C Co 2/8th – Scotch Platoon
Front Row: Fred Kaylar, ??, Jim Brady
Second Row: Al Rackley, ??, Mario Matarozzo, ??, ??,??,Charlie Brown
Third Row: Ted Ward,




Bert Johnson, ??



Pictures below courtesy of Larry Nelson from 1/8 Cavalry at  Quan Loi

On top of a bunker #75 at Quon Loi. Cyclone fencing prevents direct hits on bunker from RPGs

Larry Sabinski

Being lifted out from a mission

Got a hair cut during Quon Loi stand down. The kid wanted to be in the picture. Guy on my left ended up getting a rear job as an aide to a General.

Perimeter tower Quon Loi